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Our tailor-made end-to-end solutions encompass a full spectrum of evaluation design, manufacturing, supply, installation and support services.

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At GMS Systems, our mezzanine floors are custom designed to meet each client’s specific needs. Utilizing unique space frame mezzanine structure technology, we offer traditional wide-span mezzanines as well as cost-effective alternatives. Our systems allow for various flooring options tailored to address operational and business requirements.
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Mezzanine StructureMezzanine FlooringMezzanine Flooring Accessories

Storage Systems

Our storage systems are versatile and designed to adapt to your evolving needs. With interchangeable components and adjustable heights, our shelving solutions offer flexibility and efficiency for various storage requirements. Our standard storage bay width is 1.5m
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Shelving StorageInclined Carton StorageHanging Garment StorageCarton Drawer StorageBespoke StorageStorage System Accessories

Pick & Pack Systems

Efficient pick and pack systems are essential for smooth retail and e-commerce operations. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to maximize throughput, ensure operator efficiency, and enhance ergonomics for seamless order fulfillment.
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Retail Picking Systemse-Commerce Picking Systems / Pick TowersPick & Pack Systems Accessories

Overhead Monorail Conveyor Systems

Overhead monorail conveyor systems represent an innovative approach to storage and goods transportation, offering seamless movement without impeding the operations of floor-based personnel and equipment. These systems enable multiple levels of storage and can be configured in various modes including manual operation, powered conveyance, or power-and-free systems. Overhead systems are especially effective for products which is difficult to handle due to its size, shape or fragility.
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Overhead Trolley SystemsEmpty Box ConveyorOverhead Monorail Conveyor Accessories


GMS Systems offers the G-Lift range of goods lifts, designed for warehousing and manufacturing facilities where a brick shaft is not readily available, such as multi-level mezzanines or existing warehouse floors. Each goods lift features a self-supporting structure and is manufactured to meet all South African (SANS) and European (EN) regulations, ensuring reliable performance.
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Goods-Only LiftGoods-Passenger LiftService LiftAuto-Lifter

Robotics & Automation

In projects involving repetitive tasks, robotics and automation play a crucial role in reducing error rates, increasing throughput rates, and improving efficiencies. As a system integrator for several global robotic and automation manufacturers, GMS Systems provides comprehensive solutions from pricing options to concept design through implementation and support.
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Autonomous Mobile Robotic Sorter Systems (AMR’s)

Bespoke Solutions

When standard solutions don’t meet your needs, we offer bespoke storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements.