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Services/Dumbwaiters 300kg
Arrow up G300 Service Lift transfers loads up to 300kg between operating levels

Arrow up G300 Car


Standard Features

  • Designed for
    • light industry
    • shop storerooms
    • garment handling in confined areas
  • Max load of 300 kg
  • Operates on single-phase or 3-phase power supply


Standard Specifications

  • Designed to meet EN81-3 for service lifts (EU & RSA)
  • Designed to carry either one standard warehouse pallet + pallet jack, or two standard warehouse pallets
  • No pit
  • Speed: 0.25m/s (15m/min)
  • Operates on single-phase or 3-phase power supply
  • Constant pressure pushbutton controls
  • Epoxy coated sheet metal cladding of lift shaft and landing doors

Standard Car Dimensions

  • Standard car dimensions: 1200mm W x 800mm D x 1200mm H

Safety Features

  • Hardwired safety circuit
  • Low voltage control circuit (24V DC)
  • Load limiting & warning device
  • Overrun cut-out switches
  • Mechanical & electrical interlocks on doors at each landing
  • Moveable stops for safer maintenance operations below the car
  • Photo-electric sensor array inset from car entrance to detect protruding goods



  • Epoxy coated steel mesh cladding in place of sheet metal (for visibility into lift shaft)
  • Ground floor ramp
  • Design for installation with a pit
  • Doors on car
  • Design for dusty or wet production environments
  • Design to meet ASME B20.1 for VRCs (USA)
  • Monorail lines in car to carry garment trolleys (see GOH Garment Handling)
  • Custom colours

Configuration Options:

  • Entry/Exit : same side or opposite sides
  • Controls : LHS or RHS

G100 Drawing
Arrow up G100 Plan - Same Side Entry
G200 Drawing
Arrow up G200 Plan - Same Side Entry
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