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Arrow up The 1-pallet car carries a full pallet and pallet-jack


Ideal for Warehouses & Production Facilities

The goods lifts are designed with their own steel structure that can be installed through or against existing mezzanine floors. However, should a brick shaft be available, the lift can be installed without the steel frame.

Goods lifts are the ideal solution for new or existing mezzanine floors and similar multi-level warehouse or production facilities where space is at a premium.

Main Features

  • Goods only lift, not for passengers
  • High quality, low maintenance SEW® motor & drive
  • Fully enclosed steel lift shaft structure (option of mesh or solid cladding)
  • No brick shaft required
  • No pit required
  • Touch screen display with maintenance diagnostics


Standard Specifications:

  • Design to meet EN 81-31 (Europe) or SANS 1545-5 (South Africa)
  • Meets EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Meets ASME B20.1 regulations for VRCs (USA)
  • Designed to carry either one standard warehouse pallet + pallet jack, or two standard warehouse pallets
  • No pit required
  • Speed: 0.15m/s (9m/min)
  • 250mm Ground Floor ramp (when pit not possible)
  • Operates on 380-460V 3-phase power supply

Safety Features Include:

  • Hardwired safety circuit
  • Safety brakes and over-speed governors integrated with car
  • Emergency lowering hand-wheel on motor (in event of power-failure)
  • Low voltage control circuit (24V DC)
  • Load limiting & warning device
  • Overrun limit switches
  • Slack cable switch
  • Mechanical interlocks on doors at each landing, electrically proven
  • Moveable stops for safer maintenance operations below the car, if pit less than 800mm deep
  • Photo-electric sensor array inset from car entrance to detect protruding goods

Standard Car Dimensions

  • 1 Pallet + Jack: 1400mm W x 1800mm D x 2000mm H (1P)
  • 2 Pallets: 1400mm W x 2600mm D x 2000mm H (2P)


Standard Options:

  • Model: GL or GLX (see comparison table)
  • Max load: 1000kg or 2000kg
  • Car size: 1 Pallet + jack or 2 pallets
  • Entry/Exit: Same side or opposite sides
  • Pit/Ramp: Minimum 250mm deep pit, or 250mm high ramp
  • Shaft enclosure: Epoxy coated steel mesh cladding panels (for visibility into lift shaft)or solid sheet metal panels
  • Landing controls: LHS or RHS

Further Options:

  • Design for 1 500 kg rated load
  • Design for higher speed of 0.25m/s (15m/min)
  • Doors on car
  • Design for dust-contaminated or wet production environments
  • Custom colours
  • Monorail lines in car to carry garment trolleys
  • Maintenance contract through GMS Systems
  • Design to meet ASME 17.1 for Materials Lifts (USA)


Goods Lift Model Features Comparison

Features & Specifications GL Model GLX Model
Designed to meet Goods Lift regulations EN81-31:2010 (EU)
Meets EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Meets VRC regulations B20.1 (USA)
Speed of car 0.15 m/s 0.25 m/s
Electrically driven twin cable & drum hoisting system
Minimum safety factor of 8:1 on hoisting ropes
T-Bar guide rails and lubricated guide shoes on car
4-Post structural steel shaft
250mm Ramp at ground floor landing
Over-speed governor and safety brakes fitted to car
Car slip-prevention system locks governor when car stationary
Double-rope hoisting, centrally suspended
Automatic rope tension equalization
Hardwired safety circuit
PLC controller with low voltage control circuit (24V DC)
Load limiting & overload warning system
Over-travel limit switches
Photo-electric sensor array inset from car doors to detect protruding goods
Inverter (VFD) motor control with ramp up/down for smooth and reliable operation
Motor overload protection
Mechanical interlocks and electrical proving contacts on doors at each landing, actuated by retiring cam on car
Instruction Manual & Register
Double swing-doors at each landing, epoxy coated solid steel sheet, with vision panel
Slack rope protection device
Manual emergency lowering hand wheel per lift, with electrical contact
Car roof and sides enclosed with mesh panels
E-Stop located at drive unit
Maintenance override control at main control panel
Epoxy coated steel enclosure on car roof with E-stop, plug socket, alarm pushbutton & buzzer
220V Socket outlets in pit, at drive unit and on car roof for maintenance operations
Fully enclosed shaft with steel mesh cladding Galvanised Epoxy coated
Landing control logic Call only Call & Send
Landing control console: Epoxy coated steel enclosure with elevator style pushbuttons, digital floor level display and E-stop* Plastic, 2 p/butt
Epoxy coated steel control enclosure in pit with 220V socket outlet and pushbuttons for alarm, E-stop & shaft light switch to aid maintenance* Plastic, no light switch
HMI touch screen interface and monitoring circuitry for system diagnostics
Maintenance override controls on car roof incorporated into car roof-top enclosure*
Steel platform with hand rails for maintenance access to drive unit*
Lighting inside car with auto-off timer*
Shaft lighting*
Car arrival buzzer*
Ethernet switch for connection to network for central control or remote monitoring*

* can be upgraded to this feature at a later stage

G1000 Drawing
Arrow up G1000 Plan - Same Side Entry
G1000 Drawing
Arrow up G1000 Plan - Opposite Side Entry
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