Mezzanine Structures

Mezzanine Structures

A standard column grid is used throughout the round tubing structure. This standardized layout allows for easy future modification to the layout to accommodate changing requirements, without affecting the mezzanine structure or the functioning of the area above or below it. The galvanized tubing structure and clamps are purpose designed and manufactured for multi-level storage facilities. The mezzanine supporting columns continue through the mezzanine level allowing the fixing of cast aluminum arms to support static and dynamic storage rails on both operating levels.

Mezzanine floors are supplied with a structural engineer’s certificate.

Several floor finish types are offered:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Open steel panel flooring

Grating of several loading capacities are possible on the system.

Open steel panels are slotted to allow ventilation and light to pass through and have a non-slip stippling. The finish can be galvanized or epoxy coated yellow.

To reduce wear on the wooden flooring, several options are available:

  • Galvanized wear plates can be fixed on top of the wooden floor
  • Rubber inter-locking tiles, with black leather finish, can be glued onto the wooden flooring

Industrial standard, built to local authority standards.


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