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Goods Storage
  • Standardized and scalable design allows for easy future modifications to accommodate changing requirements
  • Friction-fit Round tubing structure and clamps are purpose designed and manufactured for multi-level storage facilities
  • Mezzanine supporting columns are integrated with the storage system, providing a versatile and innovative design
  • Interchangeable storage types
  • Multi-function facilities for storage and picking
  • Handle high volumes rapidly
  • Improve product accessibility and visibility
  • Reduce physical handling of stock
  • Remove the need for floor-based trolleys
  • Use your full facility volume and maintain ground floor accessibility
  • Competitive pricing, where you choose a solution that suits your needs

Innovative range of storage and picking equipment for warehousing, e-commerce, stockrooms and back of store applications.

Adjustable systems using round tubing and standard friction fit components with high storage capacity for retailers and e-commerce fulfillment and each picking.

Multi-level garment and goods storage facilities with picking and storage areas incorporated, improve product accessibility and visibility for superior garment handling.

Save space, increase efficiency and save costs by optimizing storage and work area with multi-level mezzanine solutions, integrated into storage system.

A variety of flooring types are available, these solutions include staircases, hand railing and kick plates. All mezzanine structures come with a structural engineer’s certificate.

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