G - Lift
Goods & Service Lifts
  • 30 years’ experience
  • Standardized and scalable design for high quality, reliable operation
  • Free-standing structural steel shaft, ideal for warehouse applications
  • Robust car interiors for industrial applications
  • Fully compliant with South African, European and North American safety regulations
  • High quality components and attention to detail
  • Handle high volumes rapidly
  • Improve product accessibility and visibility
  • Reduce physical handling of stock
  • Safe, reliable and dedicated movement of pallets
  • Use your full facility volume and maintain ground floor safety and accessibility
  • Competitive pricing, where you choose a solution that suits your needs
  • Heights of the floors to be served
  • Mass and size of the load to be moved
  • For goods only, operator access for loading
  • Maximum Load: 1-ton to 4-tons
  • Designed to SANS 1545-5/EN81-31 safety standards for electric and hydraulic access, goods-only lifts
  • For max. 2 passengers to travel with goods
  • Maximum Load: 1-ton to 2-tons
  • Designed to SANS 1545-1 safety standard
  • For small goods, no operator access
  • Maximum Load: 300kg
  • Designed to SANS 1545-7 safety standards for electric and hydraulic service lifts (dumb waiters)

Vertical trolley conveyor to convey garments or goods on monorail trolleys between operating levels.

Automated feed-in and feed-out of conveyor.

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