G - Hang
Goods and Garment Handling
  • Standardized and scalable design allows for easy future modifications to accommodate changing requirements
  • Friction-fit Round tubing structure and clamps are purpose designed and manufactured for multi-level storage facilities
  • Mezzanine supporting columns are integrated with the storage system, providing a versatile and innovative design
  • Interchangeable storage types
  • Multi-function facilities for storage and picking
  • Handle high volumes rapidly
  • Improve product accessibility and visibility
  • Reduce physical handling of stock
  • Remove the need for floor-based trolleys
  • Use your full facility volume and maintain ground floor accessibility
  • Competitive pricing, where you choose a solution that suits your needs

Innovative overhead storage and transport solutions for vehicle parts, designed and built to OEM and vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Product application for vehicle assembly lines, parts storage and parts transfer.

Powered conveyors for transfer of overhead trolleys over long distances, between multiple operating levels or for transfer of cartons and totes between operational areas.

The reversible systems are used for high volume applications and are low maintenance, making it a cost effective solution.

Multi-level garment and goods storage facilities with picking and storage areas incorporated, improve product accessibility and visibility for superior garment handling.

Monorail trolley system used in manufacturing and processing increases productivity through
reduced handling and improved work flow. Introducing this discipline reduces supervision requirements.

Systems allowing goods to be transferred from warehouse to vehicle while hanging.

Monorail trolleys can be loaded directly into the vehicle, reducing loading times to a matter of minutes.

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