Michael Kingston

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“GMS Systems has helped us standardize our Monorail & Racking systems across most plants in South Africa, and is now our supplier of choice.”
“The GMS team goes above and beyond the call of duty at all times. Always professional with an honest and open approach, the team works with us to understand our specific needs.”
“GMS strikes the right blend between superior quality product and highly competitive pricing.”

Terry Watt

150 150 Robyn Buckton
“The friendly team at GMS Systems is solutions-driven and professional.  Willing to accommodate operational interruptions, they provide an excellent service that extends to after-sales.
Thanks to implementation of product-specific racking solutions, we’ve achieved the most cost-effective availability of stock.  Results include better use of storage space and improved picking speed by 17% and a rise to bin accuracy of 99.7%.”

Brian Shepherd

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“It’s a 100% score for GMS Systems when it comes to efficiency and follow up, safety law compliance and an incredible work ethic. The GMS Systems management and installation team is highly experienced, and its wide range of material handling equipment is truly world-class.
I’m impressed by the list of existing clients who enjoy a long term partnership with GMS.”

Ryno Bekker

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“With GMS Systems support and input we’ve seen our business grow by leaps and bounds. We value our relationship and regard GMS as a partner rather than a service provider.
GMS professionals make the effort to understand your business needs before making suggestions and recommendations. Their committed team is always ready to help and their after-sales service is impressive.”

Jan Tukker

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“The GMS team takes time to understand their customer’s business needs before recommending a solution. As efficient project managers, they’re focused on making sure their customers are happy before handover.
Thanks to GMS’ integrated systems, we’re able to support volume growth when needed, while ensuring all stock is handled in line with health and safety principles.”

Barrie Cline

150 150 Robyn Buckton
“Thanks to GMS systems, our dispatch area is 80% more efficient and our new mezzanine floor means we’ve been able to double our garment capacity. The professional team at GMS has helped us improve stock control, and our dispatch areas are completely transformed into perfectly ordered, organised areas.
GMS provides a professional, reliable and efficient service every time.”