Goods-Passenger Lift

Ideal for Warehouse & Production Facilities

The G-Lift is manufactured in standard sizes and its design is ideally suited to warehousing and production facilities where a brick shaft is not readily available, for example to integrate with a multi-level mezzanine or existing warehouse floors.

  • High quality electric lifts
  • 4-post free-standing structural steel shaft
  • Architectural aluminium cladding
  • Twin cable & drum design for fast, silent operation
  • High performance, low maintenance brake motor and inverter
  • Elevator controls and displays at each landing


Safe & Reliable

The safety of operators and maintenance personnel is a core focus of the G-Lift design. G-Lift goods passenger lifts are designed to meet the following safety regulations:

  • SANS1545-1 (South Africa)

Standard Specifications:

  • Speed: 0.25 m/s (15 m/min)
  • Operates on 380-460V 3-phase power supply


Safety Features Include:

  • Double-rope hoisting
  • Minimum safety factor of 12:1 on hoisting ropes
  • Balanced rope loading
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks on landing doors
  • Emergency stops at each landing and at drive unit, pit and car roof
  • Over-travel limit switches
  • Safety brakes and overspeed governor
  • Overload cut-out and warning system
  • Slack rope protection device
  • Photoelectric sensors or light array to detect protruding goods
  • Low voltage control circuit (24VDC)
  • Full installation, operational, maintenance and safety documentation
  • Opposite side entry / exit
  • Side-Mounted Maintenance platform, for limited headroom
  • Manual or powered car doors
  • Remote monitoring
  • Custom sizing
  • Full set of installation instructions available for lift vendors / installers


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